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SealX Heavy Duty Cutting Compound

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Oxidised paint or deeper scratches require a Heavy Duty product to correct those paint imperfections prior to fine polishing. Use with a DA or Rotary polisher is recommended.

SealX Heavy Duty Cutting Compound This is a single stage compound to remove heavy oxidization, fading and top coat scratching. It can be used in strong sunlight and is best suitable for machine application unless you like to build your muscle tone.

Unlike other simple cutters, it already contains UV protection. Use with care, it feels very “fine” , but is a powerful compound.

Instructions:Shake the bottle well before use. Wash the surface to be treated and be sure no sand or grit is left to be picked up by your buffing pad! Machine application: max 1.600 RPM. Wet the foam pad or lambs wool before starting the job to avoid scorching.Keep the surface moist during process. Apply the product to surface, smear out, and start polishing to avoid splattering. Polish to a shine. Then remove dust/surplus with clean, dry cloth or “cheese cloth”. Manual application: Work hard using the product on a damp cloth. It’s all in the prep.