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SealX Sealant 100ml

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Cost-effective protection for your motorhome, caravan or other vehicle which primarily parked outdoors, shielding them from damaging UV, contaminants from rain, road grime, bird droppings, bug spatter, exhaust and brake pad residue. Just hose off or wash with plain water and a mitt. Dirt won’t stick!

A water based polymer coating which offers years of UV-protection, grime, soot, salt, water stains, dust and pollution. This surface coating is so much more than just shiny!Wipe or spray the sealant onto the prepared surface. Please see step by step instructions for proper use.

For paint in good condition you need about 4 ml/ sqmtr when applied with a spray/trigger bottle. Less if you wipe it on.Is your aircraft new or just been painted? Coat it now ! Keep it looking like new!
Re-painting an aircraft is a cumbersome and expensive exercise. If you start to think about a re-paint, it is time to get one of our skilled applicators to look at the aircraft. Chances are that the paint job can be restored.“Cutting” dull paint back to a shiny surface is better left to the professionals. When this stage of the work is completed, you can either have short lived “wax” applied, which will not stop the UV, but cause you to order the same work soon again.

But if you opt for a “Cut” followed by a SealX application, paint degradation from UV is stopped for at least a year. Grime, soot and flies are easily removed. Using suitable washes, the upkeep of your aircraft will be faster, cheaper  and easier than ever before.Retain the value of your aircraft, extend the life of the paint and enjoy a clean, representable aircraft at the same time.

N.BTo prep SealX coated areas for a re-paint, you will need to thoroughly remove SealX with Wax and Grease Remover.