Load image into Gallery viewer, WiTi Anti Theft System and GPS Tracker
Load image into Gallery viewer, WiTi Anti Theft System and GPS Tracker

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WiTi Anti Theft System and GPS Tracker

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Combined WiTi Anti Theft System and GSP Tracker


WiTi incorporates an innovative and world first anti-theft device specifically designed for caravans and camper trailers.  If an attempt is made to steal a caravan or trailer, WiTi will detect movement via a highly sensitive gyroscope.  The system immediately applies the brakes to prevent the caravan or trailer from being towed, as well as flash all the external lights and sound a 105db alarm. 

The siren will cease after 30 seconds and WiTi will re-enter monitoring, repeating the cycle if movement is detected again.

WiTi is sensitive enough to detect an attempted break-in. Sharp knocks and bangs such as trying to force entry into tool boxes or force open doors are detected and will set off the alarm. 

WiTi is more than a deterrent it is the only anti-theft system that totally immobilises a caravan or trailer.

GPS Tracking:

WiTi Anti-Theft is now available with integrated GPS tracking and alerting for the ultimate peace of mind. WiTi has partnered with global leaders Quiktrak, and has integrated QuikProtect GPS Tracking and Alerting into WiTi Anti-Theft. This extends the functionality of WiTi Anti-Theft and provides mobile phone alerts if the alarm is triggered as well as real time tracking in the event of theft. QuikProtect is a "location on demand" system allowing the user to locate and receive notifications via the QuikProtect mobile or web applications. QuikProtect utilises a low cost credit system, eliminating ongoing monthly fees. An event deducts a credit from the credit balance and is defined as any one of the following:

  • WiTi Anti theft is triggered and the alarm runs for at least 30 seconds
  • Low voltage where the battery voltage drops below 11.5
  • Battery disconnect - if the battery is disconnected for any reason
  • Location request - if a location request is triggered via the App or Web interface
  • Geo Lock alert - the device can be Geo-Locked to a location and if the caravan or trailer is moved 200m from this location an alert will trigger

In the unlikely event of theft the solution includes live tracking and recovery assistance where QuikTrak will work with the Police to assist with recovery of the caravan or trailer.